Stalking from Fact to Fiction, from Male Victim to Female


A 2012 article from The Telegraph. But I think it’s interesting that crime writer Peter James takes literary revenge on his female stalker by writing a book about a female film star who is being stalked by a male.

From Peter James: how I hit back at my stalker

“Pretty well every book I have written has come out of something that has touched a nerve for me,” says James, who went to film school and spent decades writing, producing or financing movies. Al Pacino and Sharon Stone are in framed photos on his wall.

“I worked with a lot of A‑listers, from Peter Sellers to Charlize Theron. I’ve seen the way they crave their public. There is a desperation to have the adulation. The bodyguards are there, but you can be sure their publicist will phone the paparazzi to say where they are going to dinner.”

There is, however, another more unsettling reason why this book is personal. It’s a challenge to his own stalker.

“It started about 10 years ago when I saw this woman at a book event in Glasgow, smiling as if I knew her.” She began to appear at events all over the country, without approaching him. Then came an email, praising what he was wearing and thanking him for smiling at her.

“I did reply, at first, but then stopped. I was spooked but she seemed harmless… until she sent me a photograph of her Peter James shrine. It had all my books, but also photographs I didn’t know had been taken, of me getting into a car or coming out of a restaurant. They were flanked by candles, burning.”
The police advised him to be vigilant.