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Lisa A. Phillips' nonfiction book-in-progress, Unrequited: Women and the Power and Peril of Romantic Obsession, will

be published by HarperCollins in February 2015.  The book will explore unrequited love, a state often dismissed and

mocked in women, as a relevant and meaningful phenomenon, well worth our attention. 

If you've ever been in unrequited love, take Lisa's survey

For more on her personal story of unrequited love, read her Modern Love essay in The New York Times 


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A Shop of Her Own and Good, Clean Dirt

The New York Times


Published: February 24, 2010


AS Misha Mayers was preparing to return to work in August 2008 after maternity leave,

she received some unwelcome news: Her job at Ralph Lauren as director of

merchandising for Japan had been eliminated.

Ms. Mayers, 39, and her husband, Dan Mayers, 47, a freelance photographer who

specializes in interiors, worried over how they would manage without her income. The

new parents of twins, they owned an apartment in Chelsea and a Greek Revival

farmhouse on 13 acres here, a small town in the western Catskill Mountains. They also

rented a second-floor space for the vintage clothing store Ms. Mayers ran on weekends

in the town’s business district.

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Too Much Information

The New York Times


Published: January 7, 2011

A FEW weeks after I started a tenure-track job last semester at the State University of New

York at New Paltz, an e-mail message landed in faculty in-boxes relaying the news that an

online textbook-rental company had requested records for all grades awarded on campus

since 2007.

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Woman filmmaker reveals secret slavery of Armenian women

Womens Network News


Published: March 5, 2012

(WNN) Stockholm, SWEDEN: Armenian filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian has done much to reveal the horrors of the

Armenian genocide under the Ottoman government’s systematic decimination of Armenian citizens that began before

World War I and lasted until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923.

Originally stretching across a large region that now includes 38 separate countries from Sudan to Israel, Jordan to Russia, the

Ottoman Empire saw the rise of  extremism in the political party called the Committee of Unity and Progress (CUP) lead by

what was known as the ‘Young Turks’ in 1913. Party members sided against Russia with Germany during World War I. During

this time a systematic program to ‘rid’ the region of Christian Armenians as well as ethnic Muslim Armenians ensued. Part of

the crimes against humanity aimed to destroy Armenians who sided with Russia during World War I.

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Misha Mayers’s store, Clementine.

Phil Mansfield for The New York Times


Anna Parin


Faces of the Flood: Yvonne Reuter, Kitty Leer and Elizabeth Leer

Watershed Post


Published: 7/14/12

The morning after Tropical Storm Irene, Yvonne Reuter, Kitty Leer, and Elizabeth Leer woke up to find flood waters rising around Reuter's home in

Fleischmanns, NY. Here's the story of how they escaped -- and how that morning changed their lives.

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